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October 6, 2013
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Armonia App: Delilah by gaper4 Armonia App: Delilah by gaper4
Look who it is; Delilah! I missed her a lot ; 3 ; so I decided to toss her in Armonia from Zaphary as my second character
no regrets
ever :icondignitylaughplz:

EDIT: Added her First Aid Club badge!


♦Name: Delilah Grove

♦Age: 21

♦Gender: Female

♦Pokémon: Mareep :iconmareepplz:

♦Birthday: May 1

♦Height: 5'0

♦Weight: 133 lbs.

♦Nature: Bashful

♦Ability: Static

♦Hometown: Violet City, Johto

♦Personality: Delilah tends to get nervous when first meeting anyone, as she doesn't want to bother them or give a bad impression. Taking some time to get to know the mareep pays off, as her kindness and willingness to help a friend in need surpass anything that could stand in her way. She's also very determined worker, refusing to quit until the job's completed to the best of her abilities. It's easy to embarrass her as well, a small wink or a simple complement will send her in a fluster. Delilah also tends to be a worry-wart, thinking that doing things against the rules is a huge no-no, and will try to convince others not to partake in bad acts.

♦History: Born to a Ampharos mother and Sceptile father, Delilah grew up in a fairly strict household. Her mother, being the head librarian in Violet City's one room bibliotheca, intertwined rules from work at home. No yelling, screaming, running, taking snacks to your room, and to be in bed no later than eight forty-five. Once she was seven, the mareep had to partake in chores around the household as well, learning how her mother would preform them, and have to do just as well. Her father on the other hand worked in a small business, and was usually gone until late in the evening, so the mareep wouldn't see him that often during the daytime. When he was home, the grass type would either be taking a nap or work he had to bring home. Even though things were uptight and orderly, Delilah never acted out in any form of rebellion, for wanting to please her parents.

When she was nine, the mareep was walking home from school when she noticed something off the beaten path of Route 36. It was a growlithe pup, and he was limping badly. Concern rose in Delilah as she made her way over to the fire dog, and the warnings of her teacher came to mind as she went. "It's dangerous to go out there alone. Always go with one other pokemon at the most." Pushing the advice away, she had reached the growlithe when a snarl rang through the air. Glancing up, the mareep's eyes widened as the last thing she had seen were a set of razor sharp teeth and a pair of threatening eyes going for her. Time passed and Delilah awoke in the hospital, the doctor having to explain that her right eye was lost from being attacked.

After some time in the clinic, life seemed to go back to normal. There were still chores to be done, school work to be completed, and rules to follow. Yet no matter how hard she tried, the memory of the accident would still play out in Delilah's dreams. Bloodshot eyes racing towards her like a liepard on the hunt as jagged teeth honed in on her face, only waking when the sensation of the attack hit her. Not only that, yet as she would talk to others, the mareep noticed how they would stare at her injury, focusing on it more than her. This made her feel very uncomfortable, to the point where the mareep began to pull a chunk of her hair over the eye to hide the scar. This action seemed to solve the problem, as others stopped their gazing.

The years went by as Delilah got older, eventually graduating from school. Her parents began to barder her about what their daughter would do now, what she was planning, yet the mareep herself wasn't sure. For a couple of years, Delilah stayed with them and worked in the library alongside her mother, but was quick to realize this wasn't the job for her. So she started to look for schools with a wide variety of careep paths, and stumbled upon a bouchure for the Armonia Institute. Going though and seeing the different courses and activities, the school on an island captivated the mareep's attention, and she decided to send in an application.

♦Summary characteristic: Alert to Sounds

♦Hobbies: Delilah likes to sing, yet she's too shy to do so in front of others. If she thinks she's alone she'll sing out loud, you might be lucky enough to catch her in the act.

:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle
:icongrasstypeplz: Cotton Spore
:iconpsychictypeplz: Agility (egg move)
:iconelectrictypeplz: Thundershock

♦Favorite berry flavor: Any

♦House: Rosalind

♦School Schedule:
Math (II)
Health & Sex ed
Home Economics

♦Extras/Fun Facts:
~Because of the accident, Delilah is terrified of growliths and arcanine's. She understands the mother was just protecting her baby, however this hasn't stopped the fear from manifesting.
~She's not very big on fire types in general anyway; mostly due to her father being a grass type.
~She also loves to be around flowers, and if one looks like it's going to wilt, she'll go out of her way just to water it.
~Delilah tends to take on multiple tasks at one time and will work herself to exhaustion.
~She's in the First Aid club
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omg omg omg omg omg Gappy all the feels X3

I really need to bring Joey somewhere else since Zaphary is closing but not sure where omg all the feels with seeing her again :3
gaper4 Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
let out all your feels ying let out all your feels :icontouchplz:

yes joey is precious and wonderful
wherever he goes he'll have a blast yep
now I miss our time is zaphary :(

Ffffff poor bby ;A;


Zai is a friendly Arcanine though ouo no need to be scared of her

gaper4 Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hopefully delilah will stick around her long enough to figure it out ; 3 ;
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